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Aggie Gold founder of Fresh Faces hosts an exclusive podcast about getting your child into commercials, television and the movies. Plus, she shares personal stories about the entertainment industry.

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​Aggie Gold has been a leader in the talent industry for over forty years. Her unparalleled eye for spotting talent has enabled her to pick one successful star after another. After spending the first half of her career as a Personal Manager for children and young adults, Aggie became a franchised agent, and is to the present time. Aggie is responsible for establishing the careers many celebrities, including Alec Mapa, Tatyana M. Ali, Joanna Garcia and Jackie Tohn to name a few.

She assisted President George HW Bush during Desert Storm by organizing the children of the entertainment industry to donate some of their earnings to aid the families of the Desert Storm service men. Aggie again assisted President Bill Clinton with his "War on Drugs" with the aid of Children to Children, a nonprofit organization she founded.

Gold's dedication, continuing concern and the sincere interest she takes in each and everyone of her clients, has established Fresh Faces Agency, Inc., as one of New York's top theatrical agencies.  Aggie has become one of the most innovative and influential agents in our time. Aggie also authored the book Fresh Faces, Getting your Child into Commercials, Television and the Movies. This book became known as the "bible" of the child talent industry. 

Aggie has appeared on numerous television talk shows, including: Oprah, Donahue, Regis, Maury,
​The Today Show, GMA and many others. She has also been featured in many major newspapers and magazines on both coasts.